Today21st April
Thursday22nd April

 Hour of Prayer
 8.00pm - 9.00pm

Sunday25th April

 Sunday Morning Church Meeting
 11.00am - 12.00pm

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What We Do


What is Alpha?

Alpha is a fun and relaxed introduction to the Christian faith, that runs one evening a week over 9 weeks.

Each week you will get to enjoy a meal with people on your table, hear an interesting talk and discuss it around your tables. At Alpha, your thoughts and questions are welcomed! There is no wrong question ....

Alpha is also a great place to build friendships. If you are coming with friends, you can choose to sit together – just let us know.

Who is Alpha for?

Alpha is for everyone. It’s for people who have never investigated the Christian faith before, for those who used to believe, and for Christians who want to go over the basics of their faith again. It’s an opportunity to investigate, ask questions and meet new people. Over 30 million people worldwide have done Alpha – why not give it a try?

What will it cost?

Alpha is completely free of charge and includes a free meal every week.

What next?

We run Alpha a couple of times a year .... watch this space for our next course.

If you come along to the introduction evening, there will be no pressure for you to complete the whole course, we won’t call you afterwards or ask you to pick up the cheque – the ball is completely in your court. And if you enjoy your evening, you’re welcome to come back for Alpha Week 1 the following week.

What have you got to lose?


Café Rafters - a community initiative of Harvest Church

Due to Coronavirus regratably Cafe Rafters will remain closed for the forseeable future.

A friendly team of volunteers, showing the love of Jesus by serving good food and drinks to people who visit Alton Maltings whether for business or pleasure. Why not pop up to Alton Maltings for a quiet cuppa.

CAP Debt Help Service

Reach out to the poor and needy around Alton. Befriend and support people to get free of debt and become Christians,

CAP Money Course

Teach people how to be in control of their money - to budget and spend wisely. A 3-session course,

CAP Freshstart

Helps people overcome life-controlling habits such as smoking, gambling, over-eating, internet addiction, online shopping, pornography, drinking, or taking drugs etc


A group for adults with learning difficulties and / or special needs with the aim of sharing the good news of God’s love for us all in interesting and understandable ways. Everyone is welcome.

One Way

A drop in centre, open Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10.00am - 4.00pm. It is a safe place that brings help, support and encouragement to those who find themselves in difficult life circumstances, or simply need someone alongside them.

Rafters Bookshop

This can currently be found on line.

Stepping Stones

A group for pre-school children and their carers.  Play, story time, singing, craft, drinks and snacks.

Toy Library

A relaxed baby and toddler group with the ability to borrow toys and games at a small cost.

YLG (Youth Life Group)

Lots of fun, laughter and encouragement as we learn together, for 13-17 year olds. 

You are welcome to any of these, whether as a guest or in a serving capacity - playing your part by serving is a great way to meet people and share the love of God to the community of Alton and beyond. If you are interested in any of these activities please email